Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

A non-disclosure agreement is also known as NDA or a confidential agreement. This document is signed with the intent to make the concerned parties legally restricted not to share the forbidden information with general public. Usually this document is signed… Continue Reading

Sponsorship Agreement Template

A sponsorship agreement is a business document that has legal importance in any business. This document is signed by the concerned parties when they enter into the sponsorship relation. Sponsorship agreement will contain detailed information about the business or project… Continue Reading

Commercial Lease Agreement Template

A commercial lease agreement is a legal document that will be signed when some commercial property is to be leased whether building or heavy machinery. A commercial lease agreement will contain complete information about the property to be leased, lessor,… Continue Reading

Consignment Agreement Template

A consignment agreement is a legal document that will be signed when two parties enter into the contract to transfer the goods from one place to another. A consignment agreement template will contain information about obligations of both the parties… Continue Reading

Employment Agreement Template

An employment agreement is a legal document that words out rights and obligations of both employer and employee. This legal document is signed at the time of employment and contains complete job description along with the compensation plan. Drafting an… Continue Reading