Apartment Flyer Template

An apartment flyer is actually a real estate flyer that contains information about a house or an apartment available for rent or sale. An apartment flyer will contain pictures of rooms, kitchen, washroom and front of the apartment with information like its total area, number of rooms, amount of rent, contact details of owner etc. An apartment flyer will be designed just like real estate flyers. Here we present an apartment flyer template to give you idea about its design. We have prepared this apartment flyer template in MS Word 2007. All its contents are editable. You can use our apartment flyer template as your own just by replacing sample images and inserting your own text. Follow the set of instructions give below to use this apartment flyer template as your own.

Here is a preview of this apartment flyer.

It is hoped that these instructions will make it easier for you to use this template. Click on the download button to get this apartment flyer.