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Christmas Card List Template


Christmas event brings lots of pleasures and excitement with it every year and people all over the world celebrate this event. It is religious event of Christians. People send gifts and cards to friends, relatives, colleagues and other relations on this event to wish them Merry Christmas. It is tried not to miss anybody while sending Christmas cards. To make sure that you haven’t missed anybody, you should use a Christmas card list containing names and addresses of your friends and relatives etc. A Christmas card list may contain email addresses or home addresses depending on the way you use to send cards. Preparing a Christmas card list is very simple. Here we present a Christmas card list template to give you idea about drafting this list. We have prepared this Christmas card list template in MS Word 2007 to give you maximum flexibility of customization. You can feel free to use our Christmas card list template as your own by following the instructions given below.

We have tried to provide you maximum ease for using this template. You will not have to install any software for using this template with no restriction to make registration with our website for templates downloading. If you find your interest to use this Christmas card list template then you are welcomed to read some instructions for using this template given below. These tips will make it easier for you to make changes in template’s text or design.

We used different features of MS Office 2007 to design this template. You can also get benefit of these MS Word features to give new look to this template. For instance if you want to change sample text in this template, select the sample text, delete it and start writing your own. Further you can change text position very easily by dragging a text box from one place to another on the page. To drag a textbox, select the textbox, keep the left click of your mouse pressed and move the textbox to the place where you want.  Another very useful tool that we used is WORDART. It is a text formatting tool. You can give different styles to text in the headings by using this tool. If you want to change sample text in headings, do a right click on the clipart box, go in edit text option and change sample text. You can give different effects to this clipart in the template to give best look to your template.

With the same ease you can make changes in images used in this template. You can change sample images simply by doing a right click on the image, go in change picture option and select the new picture from your system and click on insert option. Image will be replaced. Try other picture tools to give newer look to your template. Moreover you can change page color, size of template etc from the options given at the top of page. If you want to add your own pictures in the template, make sure to use pictures in PNG format. You can feel free to use this template in the same form it is provided to you.  Here is a preview of this Christmas card list template.

It is hoped that these instructions will make it easier for you to use this template. Click on the download button to get this Christmas card list template.